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Dissection of a Residential Appraisal Report® Guide

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Training & Desktop Reference Guide

Product Title Dissection of a Residential Appraisal Report®
Compiler CALMO Realty Services, Inc.
Price $79.95 plus shipping & handling

Dissection of a Residential Appraisal Report

Even experienced appraisers find this guide enlightening and helpful in completing assignments.  It is also an excellent resource to quote when clients request unrealistic modifications or additions to an appraisal report.

The edition incorporates the most recent Interagency Guidelines and Fannie Mae changes.  This is a well-organized and readable guide, possibly the best in the market.  It is an excellent reference book for appraisal office staff, the appraiser, loan officer, in-house reviewer or DE underwriter.

This 357-page reference and training manual is currently used by several national mortgage companies to train underwriters, reviewers and appraisers. The manual has received good reviews from all users and trainers.

It is a valuable desktop guide for appraisers, reviewers and mortgage underwriters. Guidance for isolating the typical errors in a residential appraisal report as well as the identification of violations of the USPAP, FNMA Guidelines and FIRREA regulations is outlined in the manual.

A unique approach to the standardization and segregation of the adjustments within the sales comparison approach is introduced. The manual includes activities with solutions to demonstrate the procedure of developing, underwriting and reviewing a residential appraisal report.

This guide does not discuss the uniform Fannie Mae language because these client specific requirements are consistantly changing and are not nessarily related to acceptable appraisal practice.

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Features & Benefits

The manual is shipped in a perfect bind 8.5" x 11" softback.  This edition has more than 380 pages.

  • This manual will provide the tools and reasoning to determine the quality of a residential appraisal report and the validity of the value estimate.
  • This manual will also act as guide for the completion of a residential appraisal report.
  • This guide can be used to train appraisal, underwriting and review staff.
  • It is an excellent distance learning and training tool.
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